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My way to Nordic Body Therapy

Interview with Few

Practitioner Spotlight Week - Meet our Positive Practitioners

Amanda's journey started as a social worker then she continued helping people. What is Nordic Body Therapy? What challenges she was facing at her very first session? She shares her beautiful story that brought her to Malta Watch the full interview now.

Who I Am

About me and my background

I practice body therapy as a certified bodyworker based in Malta. I offer a natural and holistic approach to the mind and body and believe in its own power to heal. My treatments are based upon the understanding that each part of the body is interconnected with one another, and that our body mirrors our well-being physically as well as emotionally. 

In addition to the education in body therapy, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and worked as social worker in different areas. Along the years, I have gained a broad knowledge in psychiatric, addiction and mental illness. The combination of studying body therapy and socialwork, combined with my work “in the field”, has made me realize how everything we experience is stored in our bodies and can be the root cause behind physical pain and tensions.

My aim is to help you reconnect to your body and get a deeper understanding of how the body and mind are linked together. I have my education in nordic body therapy from the danish school TOTUM, to read more about the school check out their website

I look forward to meeting you!

With love, Amanda

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