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About Nordic Body Therapy

A treatment tailored to you

Nordic Body Therapy is a holistic treatment which links body, mind and soul. Each treatment is tailored to your body’s specific needs and your current state of mind. For anyone experiencing physical and emotional distress this treatment lets you rewind and recharge body and mind by releasing tensions. It helps you cope with feelings such as stress, being overwhelmed, worrying, confusion, problems with sleeping, overthinking, sadness, and anxiety.

A place to lower your shoulders

Nordic Body Therapy gives you:

A safe place to share and unload whatever you are carrying, whether it be physical tensions, emotions, thoughts, wonderings or worries.

  • A treatment which releases your physical tensions and recharges your body and mind helping you to get rid of pain, tense muscles and discomfort

  • A place of confidentiality

  • A treatment which reduces symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression

  • An oppurtunity to get in touch with yourself and your body

  • A personal tailored experience based on whatever you bring to the treatment.

Is it something for me?

Yes, it is if you recognize just one or more of the following

You need to gear down and get a brief break from the everyday life

  • It sometimes feels like you are carrying a heavy load

  • You are experiencing physical pain and tension that you cannot get rid of

  • You are felling stressed

  • You are having troubles getting a good sleep

  • Sometimes everything can feel overwhelming

  • You are sensing a connection between your emotions, mind and physical body

  • You are experiencing some or more symptoms of anxiety

    • nervous

    • high heartbeat

    • worrying

    • feeling overwhelmed

  • You are experiencing some or more symptoms of depression

    • None or less interest in activities

    • Sadness

    • Isolating yourself

    • Feels like the spirit is about to give in

The philosophy behind

The multifarious impressions and expressions of day-to-day living are imbedded in our bodies. Our bodies mirror our well-being. Nordic Body Therapy not only address symptoms of pains and ailment, but also the root causes behind. And is there for an effectively treatment to powerful emotions such as stress, anxiety and depression.

In our modern society, we are exposed to stress  - physically and emotionally! Many do not use their bodies appropriately: The result is tension, wear, discomfort and disease. We allow ourselves to be stressed, suffer performance anxiety, are marred by high ambitions, and lose resilience. Add to this the many emotions that are ”outlawed”, such as anger, vulnerability, nervousness, all of which put our mind and body under pressure.

Nordic Body Therapy allows you to take a break and let down your guards. Resulting in a state of relaxation which you will feel the effect of several days after the treatment.

What are the methods being used?

The treatment is holistic, which means it will be taking care of your body, mind and soul as one whole and not separate units.

It is a bodywork method using hands on techniques working with the body to release physical tensions or pains.

The methods are coming from 2.000 years old Chinese knowledge together with new techniques and psychotherapy from our time involving massage, acupressure, meridian work (energy work), breathwork, cleansing of the body (lymphatic drainage), pulsation, reflexology, manipulation of the bones and supporting counseling.

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