The philosophy behind

Nordic body therapy is a therapeutic technique

Nordic body therapy works with the human body through a unique and holistic approach. Its overall aim is to promote awareness of the body-mind connection and ease the body's tensions physical and emotional. The methods are coming from 2.000 years old Chinese knowledge together with new techniques and psychotherapy from our time involving massage, acupressure, breatwork, cleansing of the body (lymphatic drainage), pulsation, reflexology, manipulation of the bones and supporting counseling.

The philosophy is straightforward

The multifarious impressions and expressions of day-to-day living are imbedded in our bodies. Our bodies mirror our well-being. In other words: Our physique and our psyche form a whole and are not separate entities. Body Therapy not only address symptoms of pains and ailment, but also the root causes behind. And is therefor an effectively treatment to powerful emotions such as stress, anxiety and depression.

In our modern society, we are exposed to stress physically and emotionally

Many do not use their bodies appropriately: The result is tension, wear, discomfort and disease. We allow ourselves to be stressed, suffer performance anxiety, are marred by high ambitions, and lose resilience. Add to this the many emotions that are ”outlawed”, such as anger, vulnerability, nervousness, all of which put our mind and body under pressure. Body Therapy allows you to take a break and let down your guards. Resulting in a state of relaxation which you will feel the effect of several days after the treatment. 


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