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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

What are the benefits of Bodytherapy?

Bodytherapy can help releasing muscular tension and pain, improve circulation, increase joint flexibility, faster healing of injured muscular tissue, improve posture and reduce blood pressure. A treatment also improves your sleep, enhance immunity, reduces anxiety and stress symptoms. Overall body therapy speeds up your body’s natural healing process and create an overall sense of well-being

What should I expect from a treatment?

The treatment I provide is tailored to your body and to your current state of mind and can therefore vary a lot. I will be using techniques including massage, breathwork, acupressure, reflexology, stretching, pulsation, manipulation of the bones and verbal guiding. Do not expect a traditional Swedish massage, even though I incorporate some massage techniques it will be more specific to an area or location. I work with your body’s tissues and muscles where I find tension.

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Is it painful?

There may be pain associated with the treatment, but it is here to help and melt away the tension so you can feel lighter in body and mind afterwards. However, a treatment is not always painful and can also be quite gentle. Some will experience a release of stored emotions while receiving the body therapy. This is perfectly normal and will result in decreased stress and new sense of peace. I will guide you verbally throughout the whole session and make sure you are comfortable. A treatment should never cross your boundaries.

Do you help treat terminal, chronic illness or other diseases?

I cannot cure any terminal, chronic illness or other diseases, but a treatment can help ease up the pain and make the body relax and let go of tensions. However, I do not recommend getting a treatment while you are having fever, since the body is already under pressure and working to put down the fever. I will always make sure to ask health question to rule out if you have any contraindications to body therapy. At the same time, it is very important that you inform me of any problems, injuries, recent surgeries or medications currently in use. And if you are under a doctor’s care, I will always advice you to get confirmation from either the doctor or a physician prior to any treatment. To receive the best results body therapy should be complemented by working out, eating rich and getting enough sleep.

How should I prepare for my first treatment?

There is no need to prepare much. Come as you are, and we will deal with whatever is present – a treatment can involve a lot of emotions and often both tears and laughter comes to the surface. But, when leaving the session, it will be with peace of mind, more clarity and, of course, a stronger body-mind connection.

How will I feel after the treatment?

Everybody feels differently after a treatment, and it will variant from treatment to treatment. Most people feel tired and relaxed afterwards while others feel more energized. In the days after you might feel some of the symptoms more strongly, this can be a physical soreness or suppressed emotions coming to the surface to be released. The following reactions will often fade within the next 2-3 days after the treatment but can sometimes last for longer until your body has found its balance again.

Can anyone do it?

Bodytherapy is for everyone and for all ages. Please feel free to contact me if you have any hesitations or questions and we will have a talk about what Bodytherapy can do for you.

Massage, Bodywork or Body therapy?

The terms massage therapy, bodywork and body therapy are often used interchangeably, and to denote where massage stops and bodywork begins can be hard. One could argue that it is matter of semantics, but bodywork and body therapy dives deeper than a regular massage and often have a more holistic approach to the body by uncovering the root causes behind physical ailments. bodywork and body therapy are close parallels, but the difference is that bodytherapy implies that work is not always necessary. Sometimes a body therapy treatment only requires from you to relax, receive, breath and release.

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How often should I book a treatment?

I recommend you listen to your body and its needs, depending on your situation the frequency varies, but in general I suggest at least one treatment a month, and often the first 2-3 treatments within shorter span of time. Think of it this way: You’re retraining your muscles, which have likely developed lifelong, tension-forming habits, and it will require commitment from your side to change. It takes time and energy, but the benefits are numerous and lasting.

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