A holistic treatment for Mind, Body

& Soul

Tailored to your body’s specific needs and your current state of mind


What is Nordic Body Therapy


Nordic Body Therapy is a hands-on bodywork method which offers a holistic and unique approach to treating the body and the mind.

For anyone experiencing physical and emotional distress this treatment lets you rewind and recharge by releasing any tensions.

The treatment is a safe space for you to share and let go of whatever is holding you down,

leaving you with a light body and a peaceful state of mind.

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About Nordic Body Therapy -

what it is, to who and how


Amanda is very professional in her work. I felt very safe and comfortable during the session and afterwards it felt like I had let go of a heavy load that I had been carrying for a long time. I highly recommend her therapy.

Janice Dingli

A wonderful treatment that every time lets me get in contact with my body and leaves me with in a peaceful state of mind that lasts for several days.

Lotte Bødstrup

Very comfortable and relaxing treatment. Went from Amanda with peace in mind and body. Can only recommend everyone to try a treatment. You are in safe hands.

Henriette Arup Veltzé

I have osteoarthritis in several places in my body and I met with Amanda with a lower back that really hurt. After my first treatment, I felt a relief and am already looking forward to the next time👍😊Can really be recommended👏

 Susanne Albrechtsen

Amanda was welcoming and professional and I felt comfortable with the treatment because Amanda explained as she practiced the bodytherapy.
The treatment was comfortable and relaxing and quiet music was played so you could get gear down. After the treatment, Amanda identified my specific tension points, which wasvery interesting. Amanda gets my warmest recommendations.

Sarah S

Amanda is a super skilled body therapist and I clearly recommend a treatment with her - it was SO nice ❤

Caroliva Seher Damgaard


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